My books on Kindle

Just a quickie – had one or two comments on Andy Jones TV and a few emails to this blog and the Andy Jones Online website (via asking if/when my books will be available on Kindle.

The answer is very soon. I’ll be doing what I can to push this as quickly as possible, and to make them available in other ebook formats too. I’ve had issues with electronic distribution rights between myself and my publishers and so on, but most of these are solved now.

Actually you can buy a drm-free version of The American Presidents without the Boring Bits and Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality already just as pdfs. I’ll let you know when they’re available in more Sony/Amazon readable formats soon! Promise!

Welcome to the Blogosphere, NT!

Just thought I’d mention it: Norman Tebbit is now blogging.

I doubt I’ll agree with everything he says, but he’s written a couple of very interesting posts (that I partially agree with) already here, and also here.

I particularly like his line about our welfare state and it’s perverse effect on the poor:

It is madness to claim that people so poor that they need welfare payments are at the same time sufficiently well-off to pay income tax.

It’s nice to have this articulate voice on the web. From his appearances on TV, I’ve often found myself agreeing with him often, but he sounds pretty stuffy a lot of the time. I feel he’ll really shine in the written word.

Welcome to the web NT, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

Hi Amazon shoppers!

Hello to everyone who are now seeing my blog on the authors page of

Come in and have a cup of tea!

Info about the American Presidents book, and the new project (ooh, exciting) to come very soon!