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Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For RealityArtaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality

Join Andy Jones as he takes us on a quest for reality in performance, studying the philosophies of Antonin Artaud and Lee Strasberg.

And when it all gets a bit heavy, Andy’s humour and lightness of touch in the extended essays should help any students struggling with these hefty concepts, grasp the bigger picture.

The American Presidents Without The Boring BitsThe American Presidents Without the Boring Bits

For the first time ever, someone has cut through the fluff to tell it like it is!

Join Andy Jones as he takes you through each American Presidency – from George Washington onwards – all from a humorous and libertarian perspective.

Find out why the Presidents who did the least governed the best, whose policies really worked, which one had the most ridiculous sideburns, and more in the history book that the historians don’t want you to read!

TREASON (and other good ideas)TREASON (and other good ideas)

Join Andy Jones for a quirky little thought-experiment!

In the mischievously entitled TREASON (and other good ideas), Andy proposes a thought-provoking change to the tired old status quo. Starting with a Declaration of British Independence and a written Constitution, he also lays out ideas for where we should be heading over the next 100 years.

Both moral and inspirational, Andy’s radical blueprint for a freer, better and happier world are bound to resonate and inspire.

Everything In Seven StoriesEverything in Seven Stories

Love. Hope. Survival. Freedom.

From a single fight to save one young life, to the rekindling of liberty for the whole human race. And everything in between.

In “Everything in Seven Stories”, Andy Jones – in seven short stories – takes us on a simple, engaging and beautiful journey about everything. Everything that matters.

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Succession of Power

A bomb detonates inside Capitol Hill during the president‘s State of the Union speech, bringing America to its knees. Left behind to lead the country under the presidential ‘Succession of Power’ laws is an inexperienced junior cabinet member, aided by the only Secret Service agent who foresaw the horrific act.

Together, they must calm a shaken nation and bring the terrorists to justice before they strike again, while fighting even more sinister forces at the very heart of government.

Back in the Shadows

While enjoying a tea in a seaside café, a retired Secret Service agent survives an attempt on his life by a man who he’s never seen before. Who was he? And who sent him? The answers send him on an adventure that threatens to expose the British government’s darkest secrets…