Andy's ugly mugAndy Jones was introduced to the world in the darkest corner of Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs, way back in November 24th, 1980.

Graduating with a first-class honours degree and an extraordinary grasp of the deeper concepts of theatre, film and radio production from London’s SMUC in 2002, he has been a professional broadcaster ever since.

His hit podcast show, The DaftCast, started broadcasting in 2006 and generated a massive response world-wide, accumulating in it being broadcast on San Francisco’s prestigious KU-Radio.

In 2007, Andy Set up Gold Pictures Ltd, a film production company. As well as producing dramas and documentaries, Gold Pictures’ also produces web/promotional videos for businesses.

He is also one of Britain’s best copywriters for hire, through the site berkshirecopywriter.com.

Andy currently resides in Berkshire, England, where he works as a broadcast journalist, writes his books, watches lots of movies, and eats far too much chocolate.

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