DRM on eBooks

wbookA great post on TechDirt about an ebook publisher that hasn’t seen any significant increase in piracy since they stopped using DRM (Digital Rights Management, or copy-protection) on their titles.

If anything, the number of copies purchased increased. I always thought this would happen if you sell your digital products that are more aligned to what the market wants – i.e. a very good price and with no restrictions on where you can make use of them – you will always be better off.

If you have heavy copyright restrictions on a song, TV show, movie or ebook, the pirated version is actually better than the legit version. And you’ve just created a kind of moral hazard – there is now an almost valid reason or motivation to remove that copy-protection and once you’ve done that, why not just add it to a file sharing site or torrent? Where as if you just have it available cheaply, and copyright-free, people just buy it, use it, and – generally at least – have less motivation to share it. Just buy it yourself dude, and use it however you’d like.

Now let’s be clear, I’m a hypocrite. All of my books are available on the Nook, Kindle iPad, etc. And all of them have DRM. But that’s seldom a decision that’s made by the author. That’s a publisher/distributor issue. And I’d love to have no DRM on my books. In fact, DRM-free pdf versions of most of my books are available and as far as I’m aware, it hasn’t increased piracy on my books one jot.

‘The American Presidents Without the Boring Bits’ and ‘Artaud & Strasberg A Quest For Reality’ Now on Kindle!

Yes, yes, I know it’s taken far too long, but I’m so happy to say that both my current books are available on Kindle – and at fantastically low prices!

Check out Artaud & Starsberg A Quest For Reality here

And you can find the Kindle edition of The American Presidents Without The Boring Bits here


My books on Kindle

Just a quickie – had one or two comments on Andy Jones TV and a few emails to this blog and the Andy Jones Online website (via andy@andyjonesonline.co.uk) asking if/when my books will be available on Kindle.

The answer is very soon. I’ll be doing what I can to push this as quickly as possible, and to make them available in other ebook formats too. I’ve had issues with electronic distribution rights between myself and my publishers and so on, but most of these are solved now.

Actually you can buy a drm-free version of The American Presidents without the Boring Bits and Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality already just as pdfs. I’ll let you know when they’re available in more Sony/Amazon readable formats soon! Promise!

Beat the credit crunch!

My book Artaud & Strasberg A Quest For Reality is now available at a discounted price at amazon.co.uk, so defy the credit crunch and fill your boots!!

"Artaud & Strasberg" Now Available

Yes! It’s finally available for everyone to buy! Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality is now available on every amazon website, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, and every good book store. Order your copy today! Just go to the ‘store’ back on the main website and click the link of your favourite book stockist. The perfect Christmas gift (well, for someone interested in Artaud and/or Strasberg I guess…)!

Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality

It’s done in under a month! Yes, my new book Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality has had its final typesetting phase. I’m awaiting a preview copy to award the thumbs up, then it’ll be available from amazon, tesco-online, Waterstones, Borders, and anywhere what does books innit!

It’s a heavy piece with a light touch about two very important men from the world of theatre, film and the performing arts. Though they are known for radicaly different styles of performance, they both share a common goal – to try and acheve reality in performance. Both a pro-realism and anti-false, plastic, external, gesture-based performance.

Most people who study Artaud and/or Strasberg never really get to go under the skin of these two great men, so hopefully my new book with elighten the minds of both students coming to these weighty subjects for the first time, as well as old-hands of the theatre studies game who are becoming increasingly put-off by what they’re seeing in the world of acting.