"Artaud & Strasberg" Now Available

Yes! It’s finally available for everyone to buy! Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality is now available on every amazon website, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, and every good book store. Order your copy today! Just go to the ‘store’ back on the main website and click the link of your favourite book stockist. The perfect Christmas gift (well, for someone interested in Artaud and/or Strasberg I guess…)!

A Birthday Grand

Well, I did say more great giveaways to come, and that’s exactly what happened! Today was Reading 107’s 6th Birthday. Can’t believe we’ve been going that long. Anyway, to celebrate, we played the Birthday Balls game that Fia Tarrant plays every day on breakfast, except we did it all day. If you’ve never played before, it’s dead simple – I pick a ball out of the 365 that we have in our bucket, and if the ball I pick matches your birthday, you win £1,000! A grand, just for having a birthday!!

Amazingly, and against the odds, we had a winner! At 5.20pm today on my drivetime show, Jo’s winning birthday-date of June 29th came out — a grand to Jo!!

Again, more great giveaways to come…

Done in 60 Seconds

Okay, I’ve completed the Ambulance-Chasers Direct advert for the 60 second film competition. Thank you so much for all your fantastic suggestions. I’ll let you know how I get on!