Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality

It’s done in under a month! Yes, my new book Artaud & Strasberg: A Quest For Reality has had its final typesetting phase. I’m awaiting a preview copy to award the thumbs up, then it’ll be available from amazon, tesco-online, Waterstones, Borders, and anywhere what does books innit!

It’s a heavy piece with a light touch about two very important men from the world of theatre, film and the performing arts. Though they are known for radicaly different styles of performance, they both share a common goal – to try and acheve reality in performance. Both a pro-realism and anti-false, plastic, external, gesture-based performance.

Most people who study Artaud and/or Strasberg never really get to go under the skin of these two great men, so hopefully my new book with elighten the minds of both students coming to these weighty subjects for the first time, as well as old-hands of the theatre studies game who are becoming increasingly put-off by what they’re seeing in the world of acting.

Great Giveaways!

I gave away a holiday for two people to New York City today on the show! More great giveaways to come!