Everything in Seven Stories 1: Antidote

This year, I want to introduce you to something I made back in 2020.

2020 wasn’t easy for most people, and I’m sure it was the year many people chose to finally “write the novel” they always wanted to.

As I kinda do that anyway, I wanted to give myself a different kind of lockdown challenge. I turned back to my old book Everything in Seven Stories. I wanted to do something creative that I otherwise wouldn’t do if the lockdown hadn’t happened. And it had to be something I could do in my own home, because, well, 2020. Luckily for me, as a professional broadcaster and voiceover artist, I had my own vocal booth.

So I narrated each of the seven stories, with music and sound effects. The results won’t win an award, but it was good fun to do.

Each month from now until October, I’ll be posting one of the seven stories. They range from just over half an hour to over an hour each.

Here’s story one: Antidote. A young woman uncovers the sinister truth about a dangerous chemical weapon in the heart of New York City.


If you want to listen to them on your favourite podcast app, well here you go: