Andy Jones TV:Season 4, Episode 5

There’s a lot of talk about the UK’s “savage cuts”, but have we actually had any?



Who Should the Left Vote For?

This is worth checking out: Some really interesting ideas about Ron Paul being more consistently ‘liberal’ (even in the modern definition of the word) than President Obama, put forth by Glenn Greenwald at

What is a Libertarian?


Just a quickie; The fantastic libertarian magician and juggler Penn Jillette describes it as “as far to the right as you can go on money, and as far to the left as you can go on sex”. I love that description, but I’ve come to use this phrase to describe libertarianism as I see it (in a way the ‘old guard’ could contextualise it):

Fiscally competent and socially tolerant.

I dunno. That’s what I’m finding myself using more often anyway. By that definition, the left are socially tolerant but fiscally incompetent, and the right are fiscally responsible (sometimes) but socially intolerant.

Libertarianism. Reaches the parts other socio-political theories just can’t. (!)


Andy Jones TV, Season 4 Episode 4

It’s not exactly the most profound thing in the world to say that eBooks are the publishing medium of the future, but the possibilities they open up are very interesting…