Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 10

Rand Paul 2016?


Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 8

A viewer emails: “re the current economic situation, doesn’t it stand that if austerity (i.e. cuts) work and investment (i.e. growth) doesn’t, then why is America’s economy doing better than your country’s and Europe?”

Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 7

A viewer emails: “So you guys [in the UK] are getting that royal charter soon. Does that mean England won’t have a free press any more?”


Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 6

A viewer emails: “As a libertarian I keep getting shot down by people who just say “well you don’t want the government to build roads and you want to shut down the libraries, etc.” This stops me being able to debate with my friends the merit or not of our crazy US interventionist policy, or our stupid war on drugs etc. How do I shoot down these arguments that they keep shooting ME down with?”


Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 5

Why (despite the fact people keep saying it), Somalia is NOT a “libertarian utopia”. It’s not really libertarian at all!

Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 4

Milton Friedman is not considered a “pure” libertarian by many. Lots of people complain when I reference him, but I think he is one of the best libertarian “gateway drugs” out there – and has done more practical things to advance pro-freedom principles than anyone else. You just need to place him in the right context:

Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 3

The trouble with the philosophy of Objectivism is that many have a hard time divorcing it from Ayn Rand, the philosopher who advanced the concept. I think that’s a mistake – and leads to a lot of misunderstandings about an essentially decent and moral philosophy:

Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 2

A lot of people wonder when the more libertarian period was in human history. Just the other day someone proudly pronounced to me that it was 1790. Really? I bet if you were a black slave in the cotton fields you’d have a very different point of view.

I think the most libertarian time is now: