Andy Jones TV Season 5 Episode 10

Rand Paul 2016?


Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech

A sad day, but an inevitable one. Here’s Congressman Paul, stumbly, awkward but totally true:

Good bye Ron, we’ll miss you in that grand old chamber.

How’s Ron Paul Looking in SC?

 Ron Paul is building in his momentum for the South Carolina primary. But will it be enough?

The race so far
Though the graph above doesn’t show it, Ron Paul is breaking the 20% mark as we speak.

Andrew Sullivan lays it all down:

The latest ARG poll is even more striking: Paul has surged to 20 percent in South Carolina: a stunning result that overturns a lot of expectations. This military state may actually share the military donors’ views and loathe what neoconservatism has done to wreck American influence abroad and fiscal balance at home. So it’s 29 – 25 – 20, with a week to go. I’d say any one of those three could win.

Gets you wondering, doesn’t it? Is this the moment?

Calm down. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. All the data says Ron won’t got the distance. But it’s a little like your little Sunday-afternoon football team suddenly getting a game against a team of superstars: you can’t help but allow yourself to dream a little…

Andy Jones TV is back – Season 4!

Back with a bang. A very quiet bang.

And for reasons as yet unexplained, it’s in high-def. Go figure!