Andy Jones TV, Season 4 Episode 3

Have you seen the daft cartoons that the European Commission are trying to foster upon our children?




Is the Time Nearing For Treason?

As the characteristically eloquent Daniel Hannan points out, as of today, Britain ceased to be the principle architect of its own destiny.

And it seems, the only legal way out on our own terms is now officially to commit treason.

Which is ironic, considering that “treason” happens to be the working title of my next book…

So Many Questions…

Okay, so here’s the questions I found myself wanting to answer when I woke up to today:

Why is wanting more democratic accountability in the direction of European government ‘pathetic’?

When was it okay for the government to nationalise failing businesses – thereby punishing success and rewarding failure?

And finally, who is John Galt?