EU vs Commonwealth – Where Should Britain’s Future Lie?

This is from Daniel Hannan’s superb blog on the Daily Telegraph website, just look at these graphs:


And this one too:

Any way you choose to look at it, the Commonwealth’s growth is about to exceed that of the European Union/Eurozone. Again, I’m all for open free trade with our European neighbours, but by cutting ourselves off from free trade elsewhere, haven’t we shackled ourselves to a corpse? And how is having a trade agreement with one group of countries at the explicit expense of others free trade? That’s just protectionism…



Local UK Elections 2012: The Aftermath

The British people have spoken, and they have said: “Meh”. With the worst voter turn-out for 12 years, and with so many cities voting to not have an elected mayor (sticking, sadly to a system that lets crony councillors run things in tired old cabinet systems), it’s clear that it’s an “I am fed up with politics” moment.

Labour are happy with the result, but with turn-out less than a third, it’s not like more people have really voted for them, not in any significant way at least. Tory-run councils have fallen to Labour, not because people have defected to Labour from the Conservatives, but because Tory voters either stayed at home or voted UKIP (who have had a good night, proportionally speaking).

The result actually might be good for Cameron, as it keeps Ed (or ‘Odd’, as I like to call him) Milliband as Labour leader. If Labour did badly, Odd might have been replaced with someone better, and if Labour had done incredibly well (i.e. much better than they actually did), then it might be a cause for concern, as Odd could be a more serious threat to Cameron during the next general election. So this could be the best of all results for Cameron in that regard.

But the really intersecting story is about Boris and the future of politics in general. Here’s an exciting and optimistic summary from the ever-engaging Fraser Nelson.


Cut the Waste!

A great reworking of a video from the Taxpayers Alliance.

The public sector union UNISON just launched a web video trying to persuade people that if a government makes significant public sector cuts, then all the doctors, nurses, lollypop ladies, et al. will be lost and we’ll be living a nightmare.

Of course we won’t. It’s all the pointless make-work jobs that make up such a huger percentage of government in the UK that should be axed. And we’ll all be healthier and wealthier for that. The public sector would operate better too.

Anyway, enough of the warbling, here’s the vid:

Is the Time Nearing For Treason?

As the characteristically eloquent Daniel Hannan points out, as of today, Britain ceased to be the principle architect of its own destiny.

And it seems, the only legal way out on our own terms is now officially to commit treason.

Which is ironic, considering that “treason” happens to be the working title of my next book…

So Many Questions…

Okay, so here’s the questions I found myself wanting to answer when I woke up to today:

Why is wanting more democratic accountability in the direction of European government ‘pathetic’?

When was it okay for the government to nationalise failing businesses – thereby punishing success and rewarding failure?

And finally, who is John Galt?