Margaret Thatcher: The Libertarian PM?

MaggieT_IronIn light of Margaret Thatcher’s passing, everyone has added their tuppence worth, and I doubt I could add much more.

Alex Massie sums it up pretty well for my money, as does Daniel Hannan in both overall summary and here in his take on the specifics.

The fact is that the economic freedom Thatcher promoted helped laid down the groundwork for the social freedom that came after it. Ironically, neither her nor her enemies would acknowledge that.

The rich got richer under her. But so did the poor. Yes, the gap between the rich and the poor widened, but seriously, so what? Would you rather be better off, or worse off as long as other people are worse off as well? It’s true and unfortunate that the increase in wealth for the poorest was slow, but that’s because she increased overall government spending. If Margaret Thatcher was even more Thatcherite, the government would have been smaller and poorer people would have been even better off.

Her personal opinions on many social issues were very wide of the mark for me. But – especially in the economic sphere – there has not been a prime minister in Great Britain in my lifetime whom I have agreed with as much.

Those who are bitterly and spitefully cheering her death really do so for one reason. In the political realm and in the real-world, she won and they lost. Not just during her time, but quite possibly for all time. And they’ll never be able to take that away from her.

Libertarianism has Made Georgia Rich and Free

Daniel Hannan has once again been pretty spot on with this succinctly written post on Georgia, and how successful it’s movement towards liberty has been.

I haven’t done many Andy Jones TV episodes on nations that have adopted significantly-libertarian attitudes (and the positive outcomes that occur), but note to self, I’ll do some soon. Ish.

I Promise. Ish.

Is the Time Nearing For Treason?

As the characteristically eloquent Daniel Hannan points out, as of today, Britain ceased to be the principle architect of its own destiny.

And it seems, the only legal way out on our own terms is now officially to commit treason.

Which is ironic, considering that “treason” happens to be the working title of my next book…

DH Defends Brown’s Condolence Writing

The Sun newspaper is at war with Gordon Brown at the moment. Well good, if you care about freedom at all and in any way in the UK right now, there’s a lot about Gordon Brown to be upset about.

But on the subject of poor Mrs. Janes and the tragic nature of her sons death, of all people it is Daniel Hannan, the South East England MEP, who hits the nail squarely on the head, in his usual articulate and reasonable way. I couldn’t agree with his sentiments more. He’s one of the most delightfully articulate critics of Gordon Brown and his incompetence, but he also has enough moral fibre to support the PM when he’s being treated unfairly.

Why aren’t there more Daniel Hannan’s in UK politics? I have a sad feeling it’s because the truth doesn’t sit well with the electorate.

And just for fun, if you’ve missed it, (or if you haven’t heard of Daniel before and are deluded enough to think he’s just a Gordon Brown sycophant), here’s the other side of Hannan’s approach to Gordon Brown – one of the most watched UK political YouTube videos ever. And just like with his above blog defending Brown, in this video where he’s criticising him in the European Parliament, he’s spot-on. Enjoy: