Writing with more stick, less carrot

dangerouswritingappI wanted to quickly tell you about the most dangerous writing app. No, seriously, that’s what it’s called: The Most Dangerous Writing App. It’s a powerful tool. But also, you know, dangerous.

It’s not something that works for me if I’m honest, but it’s really interesting. And if you’re a writer who need a little “push” to stay motivated, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Check it out here. It’s not particularly difficult to get your head around. Basically you have to keep typing for a set amount of time (that you decide), or you’ll lose all of your work. The idea of that is so terrifying for some, that they’ll just keep on writing.

I like the idea. Often just ploughing on is the best way to get decent work onto the page. You might think that what you’re writing is all terrible, but actually, when you go back and look at it, you realise that there are some real gems in there. Okay, maybe not every time. But more often than not just writing in a stream of consciousness can be really beneficial.

It might be the best thing for you, it might be the worst. So why not try it? See if being forced to write works for you!


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