Looking Back on the News to Look Forward

I’ve really enjoyed spending a little bit of time on website Retro Report recently.

They subtitle it “The truth now about the big stories then” and it is a really valuable journalistic endeavour.

It’s supported in part by the New York Times, but I believe it operates with autonomy, and is a totally separate company that works with the Times, rather than for them.

Whether it’s the hyperbole surrounding the media’s frenzy over the Y2K bug, or the fear-mongering that plagued the GM revolution and the so-called “Frankenfoods”, it’s very refreshing to watch mini documentary web videos with a more accurate and fair analysis of what really went on during these times. And who knows, maybe this kind of reporting can help those of us in newsrooms around the world to avoid making some of the same mistakes again in the future.

Click here to see for yourself.

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