Pity Poor Dr Frosch?

The caveat that I’m not sure about the full details aside, I’m kinda feeling sorry for Dr. Frosch – the doctor who spent twenty years working in the NHS and – until recently, the Deputy Police Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

She mentioned (and I have to point out here I don’t know the full specifics. She lays them out here), that the Nazi party in Germany was essentially a socialist party. For this, she was forced by the Conservative Party to step down from her Deputy Commish role.

But isn’t that a fact? The word Nazi is a contraction (jn German) of the words “National” and “Socialist”. The full name of the party was the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’. Hitler himself made it clear: he was an anti-capitalist, that saw National Socialism as the ‘third way’ (apologies to Tony Blair for using that phrase in this context).

Now the vast majority of modern social democrats in liberal democracies rightly detest where Hitler stood on almost everything. But to live in such Orwellian times that we can’t point out such a clear truth – that the Nazi’s were socialists as well as people responsible for despicable atrocities – then isn’t there a chance we could repeat this nightmare from our collective histories?

The hateful BNP stood on a platform in the last election as “The Labour Party your parents voted for”, a reaction against the New Labour project. Generally speaking, BNP members are dissatisfied former Labour voters – much more than Tory or Lib Dem. And if you read their Nazi-esque policies of increasing centralised authority, nationalisation, etc., don’t you get just a little feeling that it’s quite a socialist party too?

Most people on the left or right of centre deplore the sickening racist impulses of the BNP. But are we so tied up with double-think that we can’t point out the simple truth? After all racism is, if nothing else, a collectivist impulse.