Has Balls Got Balls?

 According to his extraordinary interview in the Guardian the other day, it appears that Ed Balls now accepts the need for the coalitions cuts. Though as I’ve often pointed out, there are no such cuts. Sure, some governmental agencies are having to cut and fairly deep in certain cases, but in reality all the Tory-led coalition are actually doing to the total government expenditure is not allowing the increase in spending to be as high as it otherwise would be. Not really my definition of a spending “cut” really.

But does this means Ed Balls is changing tack? My guess is that, as Toby Young speculates over at the Telegraph, in his heart, Balls doesn’t really want to associate himself with accepting cuts of any kind. But power is more important to him, so he now grudgingly accepts the position of any rational person: that a decrease in government expenditure (or at least, a decrease in the increase) must be accepted and part of Labour policy if they’re ever going to get back in power again.