New Book Info Coming Soon…

I know, I’ve really been slacking on this blog, (and Andy Jones TV) but it’s all been for a good cause; my new book. It’s out now, and I’ll have all the info for you real soon.

In the meantime, on the back of the new book, some have asked for a brief summary. And I thought about it a bit last night. I think the book is basically a rather mischievous thought-experiment, but also, it has a message about what we might be able to define as good government. As such, I scribbled this down and thought you might find it interesting. Or you might find it to be nonsense. Either way, enjoy:

Andy Jones’ 3 Rules of Good Government
1) Government must keep us free above all other things.
2) Government may make us safer, unless this violates rules one.
3) If government violates rules one or two, then it must be ended, and a government that obeys rules one and two must be put in its place.