Andy Jones TV: The BBC Has Its Revenge!

I’ve had a load of emails, tweets and even smoke-signals from people sending in their examples of BBC Bias.

In this episode of Andy Jones TV I talk about one person who’s come up again and again, the BBC’s Robert Peston – that pompous chap who they wheel in to be at the forefront of the BBC’s coverage of the global economic recession. I talk a little more about this government ‘yes’ man who seems to understand very little about the science of economics.

And it appears that the BBC has managed to (almost) have its revenge on me by accidentally trying to overtax my income from the Beeb. (In the interest of full disclaimer, I have indeed worked a little for Britain’s state-owned broadcaster. It’s hard to be in the film/TV/radio business in the UK and not work for them. But I’m not exactly the most popular person there!!)

Oh, and my tax mess-up has been sorted, thank you. Seems that it was an Inland Revenue mistake rather than the BBC – but it was ironic that the letter about my over-taxation dropped through the letter box just one day after the first episode of BBC Bias on Andy Jones TV went live!