Andy Jones TV: Force The Royal Mail to Compete

My Take:

I had a number of people asking me to comment on the behavior of the unions with regards to the Royal Mail, but I’ve got a different argument to make: The Royal Mail is incompetent. The only reason that it stagnates so badly as a business is because it’s starved of the one thing that breeds competence for so many other businesses: competition.

Some say that having other people delivering the mail for profit is not economically viable. But they said that about couriers and were proved wrong. It’s almost impossible to my reckoning that those same nay-sayers will be right this time, but so what if they are? Let’s keep the Royal Mail as it is for a while, but at the same time, remove the anti-competition laws. Let’s see how good the Royal Mail actually is compared to these other businesses! I’m is sure that the prices will go down, and the quality of service will go up. And based on the track record of the REAL free market, it’d be pretty foolish to bet against that.

You only think that the Royal Mail should be the sole delivery of letters, etc., only because you’ve never really objectively thought of other people doing it.