Andy Jones TV: The Hadley Climate Research Unit Scandal

As promised, from Andy Jones TV:

To summarize this vid: basically I want to know why weren’t the mainstream media reporting on the real story here?

In the wake of the incredible leaked/hacked emails and documents from the Hadley CRU that suggest that maybe the main advocates of anthropogenic activity being the primary cause of global warming don’t have as solid a case as they publicly state and have potentially committed crimes violating the Freedom of Information Act, the main left-of-centre media (such as the BBC) are just reporting that there has been a leak and NOTHING about the content of the leak. That’s incredible. Based on the reaction of the CRU people involved, it seems now highly likely that these emails are 100% real, with no changes at all (they’d have pounced on any changes by now).

But the way that the Beeb et al are reporting it is incredible. Making this story about “Ooh, isn’t it terrible that this private information was leaked by some nasty anonymous person from those nice scientists?” is just like making the Watergate scandal about “Ooh, isn’t it terrible that this nasty Mr. Deepthroat has illegally leaked all this private information about the lovely Mr. Nixon’s activities?”

If you think that’s the real story, then you’re a pretty shoddy journalist.

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