The Biggest Story of 2009?

Oh. My. Buddha.

Now, a quick caveat – we don’t know *100%* if this is real yet, but on the surface, seems far too elaborate to be a hoax. As I type, most of the main news agencies (presumably due to the fact they employ thousands of “environmental journalists” who could loose their jobs if this is is true), haven’t touched this story yet. There seems to be a ban on the story at the BBC for example.

Okay, here’s the news: A load of climate scientists at Hadley’s Climate Research Unit have had their files hacked. Someone has stolen over 1,000 emails and over 70 documents. These files seem to show the scientists twisting the facts to fit their general anthropogenic global warming alarmism. If this is true, then I think it’s the biggest story of the year. The biggest backers of the theory that man’s CO2 is the principle driver for climate might have been making most of it up, by selectively hand-picking data like a creationist.

You can find about it and see loads of the emails here, growing evidence that it’s all genuine can be seen here. Some of the “good” bits are here. More here (with links to the data itself.)

I’m sure an Andy Jones TV episode will be forthcoming…

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