The American Presidents Without The Boring Bits

Well thank you to everyone who have sent me such kind comments about the new book so far. Glad to hear that it’s a fairly enjoyable read for so many.

And can you believe it – the hardcover edition is almost out of print in the US of A. We’ll have to do something about that maybe next year if possible. But my wonderful publisher is already getting the paperback edition out there in the States, so that’s your best bet for now.

If you’d like to pick up a copy via, you can do so here. While residents outside the US can order this book from the American version of the Amazon website, it won’t be distributed officially in the UK and elsewhere until sometime next year. Also early(ish) next year ebook editions (including the Kindle) will be available too.

But if you’re a Brit, or from anywhere outside the US and can’t wait for a copy of The American Presidents Without The Boring Bits, then order it from today and you’ll get it in a few days – why wait?!

So again, thank you to everyone snapping up copies so far, and I’m really glad to hear that so many of you have found it so entertaining. Phew. If you’d like to find out about the REAL story of the Presidents of the United States, all from a fun/libertarian perspective, why not check it out?

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