The Easy Guide to the American Presidents

Just a quick note to let you know about a new book which I’m hoping to release later on this year, The Easy Guide to the American Presidents (without the boring bits).

It’s an account of every American Commander-in-Chief from George Washington to George Bush Jr., told in my, erm, interesting style.

To understate entirely, it’s been something of labour of love. Rather than write a dry account of what each President did, I’ve tried to get under the skin of the role of the head of the executive branch. Which were successful and which were not? Which made decisions that led to prosperity and which initiated policies which caused disaster later on?

It’s been fascinating to collate this info. To see the number of Presidents who made awful choices and are praised today despite that, and those who made America and the wider world a better place, and have been unfairly consigned to histories forgotten footnotes. I’m still well into the first draft stage, (which started in Jan) and I’m learning so very much.

More info as and when. Stay posted!

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