Gone in 60 Seconds

I have just had word from the Powers That Be in the Reading Film and Video Makers group that the applications are open again for this years Caversham Cup, a seat-of-your-pants 60-second filmmaking contest.

Any ideas?

I’m thinking about doing a sort faux-advert, based on those ‘no-win-no-fee’ legal aid companies. Maybe doing one where someone is the presenter on one of those ads, and has a nasty accident – so they contact Ambulence-Chasers Direct and recieve compensation.

Of couse, I’d have to have the whole thing presented by a second person “John sued the firm into the stone-age and was awarded 100% of the compensation.” Maybe finish on an esoteric note: “And what’s more, they’ve re-sited that bus stop…”

Drop me an email if you’ve got any ideas…

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